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SEO Process
The purpose of this page is to give you a high level view of the activities we undertake in the provision of SEO
General Information Only
You will note we have provided this information generally. Obviously with the changing nature of Google’s algorithm and quality guideline interpretation, occasionally we need to modify and fine-tune our process. We have prepared the information below to be general enough to survive such changes.

First Month
    SEO Audit
    Keyword Research
    Penalty Analysis
    Content Analysis & Fix
    Back-links Analysis & Fix
    On Page Errors Fixing
    Meta Tags Optimisation
    URL Optimisation
    Content Optimisation
    Sitemap Submission
    SEO Tool Access
    Benchmark report
    Google Places (where appropriate)

Our pricing is based on the number of keywords you want to have your website come up on the search engines.
To get a quote on your website please contact Dominic See on 0410-511199
Standard SEO Services
We have two streams of standard SEO services. The first stream are the ones based on specific numbers of keywords.
5 Keywords
10 Keywords
15 Keywords etc
The other stream includes the generic programs:
Aggressive etc
These SEO programs are all inclusive. They are targeted at improving your Google positions in the ORGANIC results.
The main difference between the different service levels are the volume of work done and sometimes the order in which the work unfolds.
The difference in the styles of SEO is in our reporting. The keyword specific ones tend to focus on a fixed number of keywords. The maintenance, normal etc style of packaging are for more "consulting" styles of engagement where you want the flexibility to grow the keywords being reported on, or change them as you go.
We report monthly, giving you branded reports around Google positions and improvements, Bing positions and improvements, a Google Analytics summary and also our work summary.
Local SEO
Our Local SEO programs are similar to SEO programs, except the focus is on where your website appears in the Google Maps (or "Google Places", or "Google My Business") section of page 1 of Google.
This type of SEO is excellent for businesses in hospitality, but also for those businesses that really only have a client catchment of 10kms - 20kms around their location, as people really are not inclined to travel for them. Cafes, personal trainers, dentists are some examples of candidates for Local SEO services.
These campaigns are performance based as are the Standard SEO services so we report around Google Maps positions and improvements.
Link Building Services
Our Link Building services are an output based service only. Building links assists with developing the authority profile of your websites. It is not an SEO service - rather an element of SEO. Link building is already an element of all our standard SEO Services.
We offer link building services as a stand alone offering also. You can use them as booster services to existing SEO campaigns.
Note - we only report output on these services, providing a list of where the links were published. There are no ranking reports done for these services.
On-Page SEO Services
On-Page SEO clean ups are also part of a standard SEO service, which are usually complete over many months depending on how many issues are found. We have had quite a number of requests at the end of last year to fast track the clean up of all the on-page SEO issues found in our SEO Audits. Typically this has been done as a pre-cursor of a more robust SEO campaign, or just as a once off service to clean up a website.
I hope that gives you some clarity of the different services around "SEO" that we now offer.

Boutique Website Design

Its personal service with the Owner 

Hi, my name is Dominic See. I am the owner of

If you're looking at setting up a responsive website, and you want personal service with a great attitude and a fantastic back end system, look no further.
I provide website design, web hosting, domain name registration, and small business computer support with Team viewer. But the thing I enjoy most about my business is the close contact, Odd Joke and infrequent face to face contact with my clients. 


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I can’t thank Dominic at enough for the wonderful work he has done for my 3 businesses over the last 10 years. He has built some amazing websites that look fresh and in tune with today’s latest designs. And I might add, having look after the hosting of my websites I can honestly say there’s never been a time where through technical difficulties they’ve not been able to be seen online. Feel free to call me anytime if I can help you in deciding on a great website produced and hosted by Pete Brown – Magic FM radio station owner and Perth Marriage Celebrant.


I used 'See It' Web Design recently to help me build my new website. I wanted something that suited my video content so I can manage it myself…
I was actually overwhelmed with so many web designers trying to win my business however found working with Dom very easy and once we got the majority of the site kicked off I was trained up straight away to carry on with uploading more images/video content to customise it exactly how I like it. It was the most cost effective way to create a new website with little to no maintenance as I will be doing it all myself.
Great work Dom.. Highly recommended!

Owner iRenov8

Hosting Only

$ per month
  • Small hosting packages from $72 per year paid anually WOW
  • up to 5 email addresses

Hosting + Website

$ 24  Per month
  • Full 5 page website from $288 per year including hosting paid anually WOW
  • & Full support software licence included

Premium Website

$ 35  per month
  • Website from $420 per year including hosting paid anually WOW
  • & Full support software licence included

Ultimate Website

$ 50 per month
  • Website from $600 per year including hosting paid anually WOW
  • Support Training 



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Dominic See


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